Obviously You're Not A Golfer: Insane Bowling Trick Shots

June 4, 2014


This is a video of some insane bowling trick shots by Australian pro bowler Jason Belmonte. Jason teamed up with trick basketball shot pros Dude Perfect (of this video fame) to deliver a video that I can only imagine is giving The Dude a monster boner right now. I mean, if he had a TV or computer to actually watch. Instead he's probably just listening to this on his Walkman and confused about the sounds he's hearing. "Yeah, well, you know that's just like, uh, your opinion man." But is it not true? And be honest -- keeping in mind I just chugged six beers. "Not on my rug, man." Just answer the question.

Keep going for the video, then meet me at the lanes tonight for cosmic bowling.

Thanks to Trevor, who always puts the bumpers up and bowls between his legs. What is this, your fifth birthday party?

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