Man Orders Penis Enlarging Kit, Gets Magnifying Glass

June 4, 2014


A Malaysian man recently ordered a penis enlarging kit and receiving nothing but a cheap magnifying glass in the mail. Admittedly, a magnifying glass will make your pecker look bigger. Want the biggest looking penis in the world? Buy a microscope.

MCA Public Service and Complaint Bureau chairman Datuk Seri Michael Chong said Tuesday that the disgruntled customer, known only as Ong from Seri Kembangan, had paid RM450 [~$140] for the penis enlarger.

"When he received the package, he was shocked to find a magnifying glass inside.

"The instructions that came with the package merely read 'Do not use in sunlight'," he said.

Chong told reporters that Ong was one of many who have fallen prey to online scams of this sort.

"Men and women are equally vulnerable to these scams. Three people lost a total of more than RM80,000 to these scams this year alone," he said.

Ahahahhahah @ 'Do not use in sunlight.' That's solid advice for anybody who wants to look at their penis through a magnifying glass. Nobody wants to pee out of the hole they melted in the top of their johnson. You see what happened was, I was out burning ants when I felt one crawl up my shorts...

Thanks to xer, who's never ordered a penis enlarging kit because it's already big enough to put earth in danger of spinning off its axis into the sun.

  • aaag

    "Do not use in sunlight. You will have hot dog."

  • MC

    Ha ha ha, that was a
    LITTLE cruel.

    However they did advertise enlargement. They could have clarified what form of growth would occur; in Ong’s case, perspective not physical growth.

  • Katy

    Haha! 140 usd is a fair tax on cheating ;)

  • Krista P. Watson

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  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    If I find a cheap version i would buy it as a joke gift.

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