Kids With Screaming Mouths For Eyes Remind You To Monitor Your Children's Internet Usage

June 18, 2014


These are two images from the 'Innocence In Danger' public service announcement encouraging parents to monitor their children's internet usage because you never know what they might be looking at. Hopefully not pictures of kids with mouths for eyes. You want an internet babysitter? Just drop your kids off here at Geekologie. I will teach them important life lessons. Stuff like newspaper is nature's free toilet paper and you actually SHOULDN'T wash behind your ears because then will never be enough dirt to form the quarters your grandpa is always pulling out from behind them. You know what I got the first time my grandpa reached for a quarter after my mom made me wash behind my ears? "Canadian nickel?" A peso.

Keep going for the girl version.


Thanks to ISPFM, who agrees the internet is a scary place, even for adults.

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