Khuu! Khuu!: Game Of Thrones In A Single Cartoon Image

June 10, 2014


Note: Image may contain some spoilers so hopefully you only glanced at it if you don't keep up with the show.

This is artist nedesem's cartoon of Game of Thrones packed into a single image. I feel like he really captured the essence of the series. The artist I commissioned to paint my portrait? He really captured the essence of a naked man with a sad looking pecker. He did me zero favors. It's so embarrassing watching my guest's reactions when they see it hanging in the foyer. You'd think I'd posed while eating Cheetos and dropped one between my legs. "Flamin' Hot or regular?" Flamin' Hot. "So your penis is bright red?" Like an atomic fireball.

Thanks to Kel, who's convinced George R.R. Martin is actually a violent sociopath that only calms his urges by killing off characters in his books.

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