Is Nothing Safe?!: Spiders That Kill And Eat Fish

June 19, 2014


Retroactive warning: Spider eating fish picture.

In news that makes Nemo very sad for his freshwater friends, scientists have confirmed at least 18 different species of spiders found all around the world that kill and eat fish. Would you split a sushi dinner with a spider? I don't think I could do it. I would have have to be REALLY hungry. Like, didn't have time to eat breakfast hungry. That is near starving for me.

Most of these fish-killing spiders are semi-aquatic, with the ability to swim, dive and walk on the water's surface. These spiders are equipped with powerful neurotoxins and enzymes that help them kill and digest fish that can be two times their size.

To catch their prey, spiders would wait near the surface of the water on the edge of a stream with their hind legs anchored on a stone or plant and pierce the skin of the fish as it swam by with a venomous bite. The spider would then drag the fish to a dry place to begin the feeding process, which could take several hours.

Damn, just when you thought Mother Nature couldn't get any freakier here she comes swinging through the jungle on a double-ended dildo tied to a tree branch. SLOW YOUR ROLL, LADY. Everybody loves a good freak, but you're just becoming a spectacle.

Thanks to DonDon, who really wishes spiders were all vegetarians.

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