Inspirational Tattoo in Doctor Who's Time Lord Language

June 30, 2014


This is Angela C's tattoo written in Gallifreyan, the language of the Time Lords. Their language is cool because the letters and words form what appear to be little planets on some intergalactic treasure map. The tattoo allegedly reads, "Against all odds I will Rise, Against all odds I Will Fly, I will soar among the stars, Against all odds I WILL conquer the impossible." Very inspirational. Just the uplifting message I needed on an otherwise crushingly depressing Monday morning. Maybe I'll wait till after lunch to go play in traffic after all.

Thanks to BBeeBop, who told me Gallifreyan is actually the original romance language and I believe it.

  • Teresa B

    Ugly posts, like infections, should be identified and treated,,, quickly and without hesitation.

  • Brady Pacha

    I am wounded by the naysayers on this post. It's a thing( )! In this show you occasionally see the writing, but you never see anyone actually writing this.

  • Andrew Newton

    I don't know about naysayers being against a Dr Who tatoo. It's just that literally none of the circles are done properly and the coloring is very poor (they will fade out in a year and that yellow looks like a highlighter that's gone over black too many times).

  • Sebastiann Elegant√© Neely

    If that really is what their language looks like, this will be the stupidest thing I've recently seen from this show.

  • no, its beautiful.

  • zin

    Imagine having to learn how to read & write that. Imagine every jerk on a Gallifreyan facebook.
    Can you say that again?

  • demands more flesh..

  • Andrew Newton

    Did this person tattoo it on themselves by looking through a mirror - that came from a fun house?

  • AaaronG

    Can anyone else see the cyberman face?

  • Yea... are we sure that's what it says? Because what I think this person did is draw a bunch of circles and lines and then decided to tell us what it means.

  • zin

    I figured it says what all foreign-language tattoos say: penis penis penis penis penis

  • Ryan

    Yup... not seeing it

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