'Incognito' Teddy Bear Sex Toy With Vibrator Muzzle

June 24, 2014


D.A.R.E. Bear, what have you become?!

Meet Teddy Love. Teddy is a teddy bear with a 10-speed vibrator in his muzzle. You adjust the speed by pinching his ears. Plus he's entirely soap and water washable for when his fur inevitably forms dreadlocks.

Teddy Love is a unique, discreet, sexual toy that provides pleasure through dual, vibrating mechanisms.

Direct clitoral and vaginal stimulation are achieved through the variable 10-speed device located in the Teddy Love's vibrating nose and tongue.

Currently, Teddy Love is an IndieGoGo campaign, with a dismal $373 of their $50,000 goal raised so far. I dunno, maybe they overestimated the teddy bear vibrator market. I just feel like fur might not be the best choice for a sex toy (those butt plugs for furries that make you look like different animals excluded). This thing...this thing is going to get all moist and matted like your dog's favorite chew toy.

Keep going for a video with the inventor. It...was really something. Plus there's a BONUS demo video.


Thanks to PYY, who agrees the best sex toys are the ones that are so extreme they don't even look like sex toys. Oh wow, I thought that was some sort of role-playing weapon.

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