I'm Not Crying, You're Crying: Dog Who Regained Eyesight After Surgery Sees His Family For The Second Time

June 16, 2014


WARNING: Loud baby talk. Turn the volume and try to tel to convince yourself you don't sound the exact same when you talk to your dog.

This is a video of Duffy the Irish Terrier getting to see his family for the second time. Duffy lost his eyesight to diabetes, then regained it through surgery. He is a happy dog. Me? I am a sad hamster. I just found out the wheel I've been running in doesn't actually go anywhere. I did five miles in that f***er last night and got out to the same food bowl and poop pile in the corner. That was a cruel trick.

Keep going for your feel-good video of the day.

Thanks to Diane, who told me she is a cat person. Whoa, DO YOU HAVE A TAIL?!

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