Guy Pissed With Jaguar's Service Has Donkeys Tow Car To Dealership In Protest

June 12, 2014


Wait -- are the two in the front attached to the windshield wipers?!

Jaguar XF owner Rahul Tharak got so pissed at his Jaguar's mechanical problems and his local dealership's inability to fix them that he had donkeys tow the car to the dealership in protest. When reached for comment, the donkeys had this to say, "What the f***, man? Your lemon-ass car ain't our fault."

That's not all; he covered the Jag with hand-drawn posters which read 'Bogus Car', 'Bogus Company', and 'Bogus Service'. The placard on the rear windshield written in local language read: "Is a donkey better or a car for Rs 50 lakh". According to the owner, his $80,000 XF had problems with its headlights, bumper and mechanical issues which the dealer was unable to mend despite repeated complaints. He added that it is better to have 6 seater autorickshaw than owning a Jaguar and covered it with hay bale to make it appear like a village cart. The JLR dealership in Ahmedabad has preferred not to comment on it.

Damn, those donkeys are cute. Now I kinda want to open my own personal petting zoo. Get a couple donkeys, some goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits -- what else? "Kangaroos." Yes! I'll get some kangaroos. What else? "Deadly vipers!" Good call! I'll get some deadl-- wait. I feel like you aren't taking this seriously. Come on, this is my future petting zoo we're talking about! "Screw your petting zoo." I hope you get eaten by crocodiles, and I mean that.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to Dhiram, who agrees the best way to protest a car dealership is breaking the fan for their inflatable flailing tube-man.

  • Guest

    he lives somewhere that looks that shitty and has a jaguar? where is this?

    edit- india it was right in the article,,,,

  • Frédéric Purenne

    You car is broken... so you break it in protest... ?

    I don't know but I would have let the donkeys loose in the show room or at least break something THEY own, not the thing I'm trying to fix!

  • Michael Vieira

    Who owns donkies and an $80k Jag....

  • zin

    Donkey dealer
    Donkey fighter owner
    Donkey wrestler
    Donkey racer
    That's 4 D's more than you will ever hold.

  • Guest

    donkey show promoter?

  • asdfasdfasdf

    somebody who makes millions breeding training and slaughtering donkeys?

  • SmoovyBRad

    And then he raped the receptionist, took a shit on the sidewalk, and bathed in a holy river filled with corpses

  • Shirley Joseph

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  • Albino alligator

    Does she swallow like you do????

  • zin

    What's with that anyway? It seems that these issues have only recently begun surfacing on global media.
    Yes, there are people out there that still live in the stone age. You know what they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. If you don't like that, STAY AWAY. Why you gotta stick your nose in others' business?

  • asdfasdfasdf

    its because ghandi mass castrated those types and they've only recently been able to breed the numbers back up enough to grab global attention

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