Good God: 'Peek-A-Boo' Edition Undead Teddy Bear

June 16, 2014


Note: Just watch the video.

This is a special 'Peek-A-Boo' edition UnDeadTed (previously: all these ones). UndeadTeds are teddy bears that have been customized to traumatize children. They make the perfect replacements for American Girl Dolls. Don't ask, just replace. Preferably in the middle of the night.

Keep going for the video. Cannot be unseen though, so remember that when you make your kids watch it.

Thanks to Scotty, who agrees terrifying children helps them build character.

  • Jason

    where can i get this bear i love it so much

  • Rachael Johnson

    Where can I get this thing lol?

  • Riz

    Ohhhhh Rupert...!

  • David Gabel

    Sneak that into your child's bedroom at night, especially on the nights it's supposed to storm so that the lightning illuminates it for a moment.

  • MustacheHam

    Ted + Jigsaw + Child's Play = This

  • lilith


  • Frédéric Purenne

    *peeka-boo* AAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!! Goddamit that's evil!

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    That is so disturbing, I LOVE IT!!!

  • Carissa Lynn van Raak

    I want it!

  • Richelle Howes

    Oh sweet baby Jesus why! >:o

  • Kristina Richard

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  • Richelle Howes

    Woot woot for spam buuulllshit!

  • Jonny Campbell

    That is sick sick sick. I like it!

  • zin

    At first I was like "ok, would be cool if it was animated" then it started mouthing off & I was like "meh, not much cooler"...

    11/10, great product, made me laugh, would not buy if my unsoul depended on it.
    Make one that's discrete for maximum heart-attack.

  • ODwanKenObi

    Dear god.

  • Closet Nerd

    You mean they're gonna take his face off, like in "Face Off"?!

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