GET IT OFF ME: Freaky Giant Isopod iPhone Cases

June 23, 2014


This is an iPhone case that looks like a marine isopod. Most people will just assume it's a giant lobster tail though. You can get a silver version for $80, gold for $120, or neither for free. I'm going to go with the free option. Mostly because one of these will never fit in my jean pocket. I wear lady's jeans (long and skinny with a little flair at the bottom), and the pockets are notoriously small. They are like men's jeans change pockets. One time I tried to put my hands in my pockets and broke six fingers. Now my hands look like lobster claws. See how I brought this all back around? That's the kind of shit they don't teach you in schools. Also, how to tell good drugs from bad drugs.

Keep going for the gold version.


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