Game Of Thrones Theme On Chiptunes Nintendo Keytair

June 11, 2014


This is a video of Youtuber Theramin Hero performing the Game of Thrones theme song on his custom built NES keytair. The NES even still functions as a gaming console! Plus it has light-up effects. The whole song kind of sounds like a phone ringing and nobody answering it. Twice I actually reached for my phone thinking someone was calling. Which is weird because nobody ever calls. Or comes to visit. One time there was a knock on the door and I honestly had no clue what it was. I thought somebody had dropped something in the hallway.

Keep going for the video. Then hire this guy to play at my next birthday. You're in charge of entertainment. AND NO CLOWNS.

Thanks to DB, who agrees there's no performance a laser-light show can't make better.

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