Game Of Thrones Iron Throne High Heels Made With Little Plastic Cocktail Swords

June 12, 2014


These are the Iron Throne high heels made by jewelry designer and shoe customizer Nixxi Rose. She used painted sword cocktail stirrers for all the swords. Pretty clever. I also included some BONUS Freddy Krueger, Hellraiser, zombie and Breaking Bad heels she's created after the jump. Now -- if you'll excuse me, I'm going to make a pair of Iron Throne heels myself. *two hours later* Well, what do you think?! I didn't even have to ask my mom for help or anything! "GW? You were supposed to use cocktail swords, you used the little umbrellas." *banging head on desk* Stupid stupid stupid!

Keep going for the others.





Thanks to Marcy and checkm8, who have both stabbed friends with high heels before.

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