Game Of Throne Gets An 80's VHS Tape Style Intro

June 27, 2014


This is the 'VHS Intro' for Game of Thrones created by Youtuber Mikolaj.Birek by mashing up the 80's style video made by Hunterlsanders and that 80's dance music version of the theme song. It all came together very nicely. Like a well-made sandwich where all the ingredients work together to form a TASTE SENSATION. Sadly, I have not had a sandwich like that in many moons. But I did have some pretty badass Tuna Helper tuna tetrazzini for lunch yesterday. I only wish I'd had some frozen peas to add and I could have died happy. Instead I will probably die miserably on the shitter after some bad meatballs.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to tuqueque, who prefers to watch everything on VHS for the nostalgic feel.

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