Driving Like A Video Game: TRON Arcade Gear Shifter

June 12, 2014


This is the 1982 TRON arcade game joystick that's been modified into a car's gear shifter by If Industries. My buddy Terry would f***ing love this because he loves all things that glow blue. He is kind of special in the derogatory sense.

Using a joystick for the TRON arcade game, we created a pistol-grip shifter for a manual transmission. With a small black light mounted under the dash this shifter glows like it does on the machine. Now if we could just find some way to generate a Jet Wall..

Awesome, I'm going to replace my gear shifter with the Uzi controller from the arcade version of Operation Wolf. How cool would that be?! "It's too big, it'll never work." You are such a naysayer, it hurts my feelings. "Just admit it will never work." Now listen, how is a person supposed to grow if you never let them try and fail -- you ever think about that? "I'm sorry, but we have watched you try and fail way too many times already." Wow, thanks mom. I need a hug.

Keep going for more shots.




Thanks to if industries, who agrees driving is the closest thing to a real-life video game.

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