Doing Battle: Wicked Sword Fight Erupts At Indian Temple

June 6, 2014


45°C (~113°F)? That's a little hot for a sword fight!

This is a video news report about a sword fight that broke out between two rival Sikh groups in Punjab, India. The fight occurred at the Golden Temple and allegedly started over an argument about who would get to speak at an upcoming ceremony. Twelve people were injured, but there were no deaths. Probably because nobody knows how the hell to wield a sword. Just check out the guy at 0:25 that runs down the stairs, swings at a guy a couple times, hits the handrail, drops his sword, and runs away. That is not how you do sword battle. Still, I'm kind of jealous there aren't more sword fights here in the US. Forget guns, I want to do some OLDSCHOOL BATTLE. "You would die." I would accidentally kill myself trying to tie my sword to my belt.

Keep going for the video. Then let's all go buy ninja swords from the weapon kiosk at the mall and do battle in the woods.

Thanks to bbq, who agrees sword fights are the gunfights of the future. I can only hope.

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