Count Me In: Series Of Giant Interconnected Trampolines Suspended In Abandoned Mine

June 25, 2014


This is Bounce Below (links to hours and ticket info), a series of interconnected trampolines suspended in an old slate mine in Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales (which is also home to the world's longest underground zip-line). The trampolines are suspended anywhere between 20-feet to 160-feet above the cavern floor. That must be exhilarating. Plus there's a constant technicolor light show to really make you feel like you're tripping. I suspect it's the work of cave dwelling trolls to lure human prey to themselves. "It's a tourist attraction." That's just what they want you to believe, but there will be no exiting through the gift shop. You're leaving through a troll's anus.

Keep going for several more shots.





Thanks to Rev Dr Dom, who promised to take me if I ever come to visit. Deal, but no stealing my bounces.

  • Mike Malone


  • looks like a great place for a goa party!

  • baal

    What could possibly go wrong?

  • zin

    It's... BEAUTIFUL T_T If I ever go to North Wales it will be solely to trip balls in this funcave.
    And just the thought of throwing someone over the safety net makes me giddy.

    Seriously though, I wanna live there.

  • Tem

    What an awesome find!

  • Rix Trix

    Tem should've just post the word "First". Equivalent effectiveness.

  • Geekologie

    AHAHHAHAHa, AGAIN, TEM?! Source is in the article, along with...wait for it -- A LINK TO THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE AND MORE THAN THE ONE F***ING PIC SOMEBODY POSTED ON REDDIT. Could you imagine if maybe...reddit wasn't the original source? You're right, now I'm just talking crazy.

  • GW-how can i send you an email?
    for example:

  • Tem

    I wasn't certain until just now that you even knew Reddit existed. But you sure post a big bunch of their same fodder a week later with nary (NARY I SAY) a mention. IS ALL IM SAYIN.

  • OrehRatiug

    I'm pretty sure 100% of the stuff GW posts are tips from the reader base. The fact that I'm sure 80% of tippers visit Reddit wouldn't surprise me.

  • Rix Trix

    We only love you because you are crazy GW.


    You must be new here... or to the internet in general...

  • Tem

    I have been here since Hedonistica, Dad.

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