Classic Mini Cooper LEGO Set Coming In August

June 11, 2014


This is the $100 LEGO Mini Cooper set coming out this August. It will have 1,077 pieces (including a picnic basket and baguette) and is suggested for expert builders only. Obviously, you and I are out of the question. "Speak for yourself." Fine, I'm out of the question. You think I'm embarrassed to stand alone? I am ALWAYS standing alone. Plus eating meals alone. Actually, there isn't much I don't do alone. One time I even entered a three-legged race alone and the judges let me on account of my penis. HIYO! I even put a tennis shoe on it (a size 13 Air Jordan) and swung it around like it was running. Then the judges tried to disqualify me for masturbating and I had to explain just because you're swinging your penis around doesn't mean your masturbating. You know what I'm talking about, somebody back me up. Wow -- standing alone again, really? You all need to grow some balls. Let the fat kid sit at your lunch table for once.

Keep going for a bunch more shots from all angles.







Thanks to me, for being convinced there's like a new Mini Cooper model coming out every day.

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