Caution Wet Floor Cones That Look Like Banana Peels

June 9, 2014


Note: Official website for Bananaproducts HERE.

These are a couple caution wet floor cones that look like banana peels. Pretty cute right? I bet if I sat on one naked I could slide down to at least the start of the text. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of banana peels? "Mario Kart." Haha -- YEP. It's one of those shared experiences that makes us all human. Unless Mario Kart isn't the first thing you thought of, in which case congratulations, you're a cyborg and your adoptive parents have been lying to you this whole time. Your real parents were made by Sony.

Thanks to whoever sent this whose email I couldn't find again because it didn't include the words banana, wet floor, or cone. That was your bad and I hope you learned a lesson.

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