Beer Brewing Graphic Designer Sends Out Custom Brewed And Packaged 4-Packs As Resumes

June 26, 2014


This is Canadian graphic designer Brennan Gleason's 'Resum-Ale', a 4-pack of blonde beer he home-brewed and packaged with his resume. The resume is printed on the box, and each bottle contains an example of his graphic design work. Pretty clever. Unless your homebrew gives potential employers diarrhea, in which case you f***ed up. Remember: never give a boss diarrhea until you've worked for them at least a month. It's common courtesy.

Thanks to El Capitan, who can steer my boat on the hunt for treasure any day.

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  • More creative resumes on the blog ;-)

  • Brilliant. I love this kind of creativity. It's so easy to stand out in the crowd with a little ingenuity. Job seekers everywhere should learn from this example.

  • his graphics would be even better printed on a vodka bottle

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