Because This Is The Internet: Pugs Dressed Up As Game Of Thrones Characters (Plus Pug Opening Credits)

June 26, 2014


Dog owners Sue and Phillip Lauer dressed up their pugs Roxy, Blue and Bono as Game of Thrones characters. This is the result -- The Pugs Of Westeros. Admittedly, they did a great job with the costumes. One time I tried to put a dress on my dog and she ate the bottom half. I warned her if she did that her nipples would show, but she didn't care. Sometimes on walks she even rolls over and shows them to strangers. She's a free spirit.

Keep going for several more characters, as well as a Pugs of Westeros opening theme, and a making-of video.





Thanks to melly, who tried to dress up her cat as a dragon and has the scratches to prove it. Come on, cat, who doesn't want to be a dragon?!

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