Bachelor Party Discovers Mastadon Skull In New Mexico

June 19, 2014


A group of guys out for a bachelor party discovered a rare mastadon skull and tusks in the desert of New Mexico, presumably while trying to find a place to bury the stripper.

Randall Gann of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science said the partygoers discovered the fossil earlier this week in Elephant Butte State Park, an area of arid hills surrounding a reservoir about 155 miles (250 km) south of Albuquerque.

He said the museum's head paleontologist was amazed by the find, calling it "the most complete mastodon skull with attached tusks he has seen in 20 years."

You know, I've been invited on one of these guy's camping trip bachelor parties before. I didn't go. Something about being out in the middle of the desert with nothing but six other guys and a bunch of booze scares me. Especially with one of them so close to getting married. I mean, what if he decides it's the night to experiment? Out of all my friends I definitely have the nicest butt.

Thanks to Brent T and my pal D.j., who are both invited to my bachelor party if and when I ever have one.

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