App For Sending Anonymous Pecker Pics To A Doctor For STD Diagnosis

June 23, 2014


First Derm is an app that allows you to anonymously send two pics of your wiener to a doctor for $40 and get an STD analysis within 48 hours. Does it itch so bad you might actually scratch your peenor off in the meantime? Go to the clinic immediately. The company also offers the same service for skin conditions not associated with penises. Cool, but what can you do for a lazy eye?

The diagnosis costs $40, but cutting out the awkwardness of a doctor's visit is most likely worth it. Additionally, 70 percent of the cases can be treated with over-the-counter medications, so chances are you won't have to step foot in a doctor's office at all, according to their site.

Despite the fact that the app has expanded to detect other skin ailments, 70 percent of the photos First Derm receives are "below the waist," according to Techcrunch.

That's saying something considering you can get a diagnosis for more than 90 different skin conditions.

First of all, there are plenty of pictures of every single kind of dick rash here on the internet. You just have to go look at them and you should be able to identify what you've got. "I don't want to look at another man's wiener." WELL TOO BAD, that's the price you pay for not wrapping it up in the first place. Remember kids -- penises really can fall off.

Thanks to Thaylor H, who agrees there's at least one rich pervert out there sending a ton of these things knowing for every $40 somebody has to look at his pecker.

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