Amazingly Carved Wooden Lobster With Full Articulation

June 11, 2014


This is the wooden sculpture carefully carved and assembled by Japanese artist Ohtake Ryousuke to move like an actual lobster. If that showed up my plate at Red Lobster I would definitely try to butter it and poke its eye-stalk with my fork until my mom threatens one more time and I don't get dessert. Ha, like I didn't already fill up on cheese biscuits! No word if it's the model God used as the basis to create real-life lobsters.

It is, in fact, a painstakingly carved and meticulously assembled model of a lobster, created by 25-year-old artist Ryosuke Ohtake. The piece is a first-rate example of jizai okimono, a style of Japanese animal sculpture that places a high premium on realism and full, lifelike anatomical articulation.

Damn, and I thought origami was complicated. You know what happened the last time I tried to make an origami crane? "You hurt yourself?" SO MANY PAPERCUTS. Plus I drank a jar of rubber cement and I had to go to the hospital. "Wait -- I thought you said you were making origami, what were you doing with rubber cement?" I found it in the craft closet and it smelled good!

Keep going for a video of the lobster's amazing articulation.




Thanks to chichi, who agrees this man is like a modern Da Vinci and should get to work designing a human-powered helicopter.

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