Albino Humpback Whale Surfaces, Concerns Scientists

June 26, 2014


These are several shots of Migaloo (one of only two known albino humpback whales), during his migration up Australia's eastern coast. Scientists are concerned that a red rash near his dorsal fin (closeup after the jump, apparently all the yellow are natural algae blooms) may be indicative of skin cancer, although they're also considering the possibility he just ran into something. I am hoping for the latter. It's hard enough being a white whale, and now you've got to worry about skin cancer? I'll call Poseidon and see if we can't get this figured out. Hello, Poseidon? Yeah, it's me -- GW. What? No, that wasn't me in the dolphin costume trying to take topless photos of your mermaids. Why would I ever -- you say you found a camera with my name on it? It must have been stolen. I would like it back though with the memory card. Also, nobody happened to find a rubber dolphin tail, did they?

Keep going for several more shots.



Thanks to Nadine, who's always dreamed of riding a whale in an underwater parade.

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