About Time: LEGO Producing Female Scientist Playsets

June 5, 2014


This is a preview of the upcoming LEGO playsets featuring female scientist minfigs. There's going to be a paleontologist, astronomer, and chemist. The playsets are a departure from LEGO's predominately male-centric sets, and come at a time when we need to inspire young females more than ever to pursue careers in the sciences. You know why? Because they think differently than males. We need NEW PERSPECTIVES. Like yesterday I was playing with my toys in front of the TV and I was getting frustrated then my girlfriend comes along and was all, "The square peg goes in the square hole, not the star-shaped one." BOOM -- problem solved. Then she told me it was time for me brush my teeth and go to bed but I secretly stayed up reading comic books under the covers with a fleshlight! "You mean flashlight?" No I do not.

Keep going for the video announcement, but skip to 1:55 if you don't want to see the other sets that were in the running.

Thanks to Irina, who

  • Sadamu

    Congratulations for the winner although I would have voted for Adventure Time set :P
    Now, fingers crossed for Doctor Who diorama :D

  • Legonator

    Sorry but Lego Woman are much needed, my lego playsets are a complete sausage fest!

  • aaag

    Uh, they're just regular legos with female heads. Make them curvier, Lego

  • Daniel L Charlebois

    Women overcompensating beat Legend of Zelda. Why does life suck so much?

  • Mo Alexander

    Fuck that Apple Lego set. Are you serious? "Here kids, a playset for the most self righteous & annoying retail store in the world. They will rule your life one day."

  • asdfasdfasdf

    off the top of my head i know i at least had a female lego scientist or 2 in my underwater base set(she had that xray thing that showed the red fossil on the plate full of blue and red squiggles)
    this is why there arent more women scientists, they suck at research. ;P
    lego had them, they just didn't make a big sexist deal about it. they did it right.
    THIS version of "look at the woman scientist" reads more like "omg quick look, a black man reading! don't startle him, this is a once in a lifetime sighting, you can tell your kids about this one day"

    its sad some actually decent sets got pushed out for ugg, ...this.
    especially since they brought it back from last round. it'd had its chance and missed
    but that wasn't enough so they stole this year's chance too. basically rigged, if lego wanted to make them so badly it could have just done it without pretending it was the contest

  • Guest


  • Matt

    "from our new 'Fantasy' line" :-P

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