A Map Of All Major Marvel Characters' Hometowns

June 27, 2014


Note: Larger version of the map HERE.

This is a map created by Movoto highlighting the hometowns of major Marvel superheroes and villains. Amazingly, they forgot to include Santa from the North Pole. "Santa is not a Marvel superhero." Oh really? Then how do you explain THIS MINT COPY OF SANTA'S ADVENTURES #1? "That's a coloring book." So it's probably not worth the $650 I paid for it is what you're saying.

Thanks to CL, who is from space like Superman.

  • dreday14

    sooo no black panther in the marvel universe?? Strange

  • Zachary Harker

    Blade was from Detroit, MI. In the anime Blade is where the London came from. After watch the first episode I stop when they messed up on his origin.

  • Jon Merker

    Dr. Doom is from Latveria. That's a fictional country; it doesn't exist.

  • Jason Wigant

    Hawkeye is from my town =P

  • Luka Mlinar

    So the only superhero (villain) character from my region is named Abomination. -.-'

  • da1nonlysage

    Storm is originally from Africa. NYC is her current home.

  • qwertybetchx

    Storm is from NY. Her and her parents were American but they died in a plane crash when she was a child in Egypt, but she survived and she grew up in Africa.

  • da1nonlysage

    Did not know that. Thanks for the info

  • Jai Mico

    None from South America? Fucking Gringos

  • da1nonlysage


  • Guest

    Really it should be London, England not London, UK

  • aint seen nothin yet

    Boston is also about 20 miles northeast of its dot

  • aint seen nothin yet

    Greece is an entirely different country than Italy (Hercules)

  • stacybak

    Anchorage, AK is located about 250 miles east of the dot indicated on the map.

  • Andrew Newton

    Omaha, Ne is wrong by about 250 miles....

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