30 Years Later Players Discover A New Infinite 1-Up Glitch In Super Mario Bros

June 17, 2014


This is a video of a recently discovered Super Mario Bros glitch that awards infinite 1-ups (although you can only keep 128). Wow, thirty years later and people are still discovering new tricks. Although how anybody discovered this one is beyond me. First you have to beat the game, then start a new 2-player game (like new game+) and have one player die while a vine is growing and then it will continue growing up through the ground on the next player's turn. And, if that player is on a level with two trapped enemies, you can repeatedly booty-bump them for free lives. And I thought running around in games trying to find cracks in the walls was fun!

Keep going for the how-to video. Although having to beat the game first to get infinite lives seems a little redundant.

Thanks to E V I L A R E S, who is so evil he once choked out player 2 with a NES controller cord.

  • JackElliot

    I imagine they were able to spot a bug in the ROM that allowed for a a buffer overflow.

  • Berend Mevius


  • Squill

    There is another way to do it. I remember doing it while I was a kid.


  • Scrazy people are still finding this shit. Those snowy levels on the original MaroBros on NES anlways gave me such a euphoric feeling.

  • cabbo

    This looks animated to me. Fake shadows wrong etc.

  • Ryan_in_Boston

    There's a level in the game that the block ramp at the end (to jump off and catch the flag) has a turtle coming down from above and you can do the EXACT same thing although it lets you KEEP the lives. You can keep going until the numbers representing all the free lives turn to symbols and characters.

  • Shon Gray

    Everyone knows that. After all these years someone's found a NEW way like the article says.

  • OrehRatiug

    If people are impressed by this just check out TASvideos.org, your mind will not remain intact.

  • Jon Como

    While the secret of some many extra lives is good to know my real question is have any of you ever been to minus world. In lvl 1-2 where the pipe is if you break the 2nd and 3rd block away from the pipe you can jump backwards through the wall. Once through the wall take the second pipe before the levels show above them. This will take you to a water world I still cannot figure out how to win call world -1-1

  • Lyndon Perkins

    World 3-1, bounce on the second Koopa coming down that last set of stairs, don't even have to beat the game

  • Shon Gray

    Can none of you read? This is a NEW way everyone knows the old way.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    So you mean to tell me I could have had my 5 minutes of internet fame of I showed people how to get infinite lives in a similar way with the 2 Koopas going down the end stairs? (can't remember which level)

  • tuffasagong

    Everyone has known that trick since the late '80s... And it's level 3-1

  • Shon Gray

    No because that way has been known forever. That's why this says "a NEW way."

  • ODwanKenObi

    that dude didn't need infinite lives.

  • HackTheGibson

    That looks very buggy throughout the video. Not sure if it is real or not. I do know the trick is real, but that is a very weird way to get it.

    I have timed a jump right and bounced a turtle into a pipe and have it come back as I was landing and keep on. Anytime that you jump on the same enemy 4+ (i think 4, cant remember for sure) times in a short period it one ups you. If you are able to keep doing it, infinite lives.

  • MC

    That is new game plus in Super Mario Bros.

  • VanCanFan75

    excuse my lack of nintendo knowledge, but doesn't world 1-1 have different enemies? Like those Goombas? I never play 2 player, so maybe it changes to those hard shelled duded in 2 player

  • RayleighJean

    dont the enemies change once you beat the game?

  • VanCanFan75

    aahhh there we go. Thanks @rayleighjean:disqus and @jazzman81:disqus

  • The player has arelady gone tho the game once... ie he's saved the princess already.

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