You People Are Sick: 1 In 5 Brits Would Have Sex With A Robot, 1 In 10 Would Raise Robot Baby

May 9, 2014


Full disclosure: I did bang Fisto in Fallout: New Vegas just to see what would happen before reloading my previous save.

In 'What the hell is the matter with you people' news, 17% of Brits admit they would be willing to have sex with an android, and 11% willing to raise the robot baby if they or their robot lover got pregnant. WOW. You couldn't get me to have sex with a robot with my ROOMMATE'S penis, and there's no way that thing is even big enough to have any nerve endings.

In a survey of changing attitudes between human beings and robots, nearly one-in-five people said they were "willing to have sex with an android," despite more than one-third of respondents saying they fear machines will threaten the human race.

A poll conducted among 2,000 members of the British public by Middlesex University found out what humans think of one day walking, talking - and apparently progressing even further - with robots on a daily basis.

In addition to the 17 percent of people who said they are prepared to "have sex with an android," more than one-in-ten claimed they would care for the fruits of such labor - with 11 percent saying they want a robot child similar to David in the movie A.I.

However, 41 percent said they think the concept of sexual intimacy with a robot is "creepy" and an additional 14 percent said they don't think robots should be used in such a manner.

I can't believe 17% just flat-out said they'd be willing to have sex with an android. They weren't even like, "Depends on how many drinks I've had." They would just cold-sober bang a robot. That might be the most disturbing thing about this story. Well, that, and the fact I know how big my roommate's pecker is.

Thanks to Thaylor H, who agrees it's only a matter of time until men retreat to Mars and women to Venus and we all just bang robots until humanity dies out. I smell a movie!

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