You People Are Sick: 1 In 5 Brits Would Have Sex With A Robot, 1 In 10 Would Raise Robot Baby

May 9, 2014


Full disclosure: I did bang Fisto in Fallout: New Vegas just to see what would happen before reloading my previous save.

In 'What the hell is the matter with you people' news, 17% of Brits admit they would be willing to have sex with an android, and 11% willing to raise the robot baby if they or their robot lover got pregnant. WOW. You couldn't get me to have sex with a robot with my ROOMMATE'S penis, and there's no way that thing is even big enough to have any nerve endings.

In a survey of changing attitudes between human beings and robots, nearly one-in-five people said they were "willing to have sex with an android," despite more than one-third of respondents saying they fear machines will threaten the human race.

A poll conducted among 2,000 members of the British public by Middlesex University found out what humans think of one day walking, talking - and apparently progressing even further - with robots on a daily basis.

In addition to the 17 percent of people who said they are prepared to "have sex with an android," more than one-in-ten claimed they would care for the fruits of such labor - with 11 percent saying they want a robot child similar to David in the movie A.I.

However, 41 percent said they think the concept of sexual intimacy with a robot is "creepy" and an additional 14 percent said they don't think robots should be used in such a manner.

I can't believe 17% just flat-out said they'd be willing to have sex with an android. They weren't even like, "Depends on how many drinks I've had." They would just cold-sober bang a robot. That might be the most disturbing thing about this story. Well, that, and the fact I know how big my roommate's pecker is.

Thanks to Thaylor H, who agrees it's only a matter of time until men retreat to Mars and women to Venus and we all just bang robots until humanity dies out. I smell a movie!

  • zin

    I already ordered the autoblow.
    Also can't wait for this to become a practical reality(NSFW):

    So it is without a doubt that I'm utterly alright with this.

    As for raising a robot baby, well, only if it's an orphan with nowhere to go (scrapyard not included).

  • failquail

    "1 In 5 Brits Would Have Sex With A Robot"
    Sounds about right, can see that stat increasing over time too

    "1 In 10 Would Raise Robot Baby"
    Wait, what? How can that EVER be actually possible? How about we wait until such a thing becomes actually possible in real-life, (at least theoreticaly) before worrying about it in real life please...

  • Looks like a "Dave"

    Sex with an Android!? Wow, those new cell phones can do anything!

  • Andyman7714

    I would do a hot android. Why not? It's not like it would have mechanical teeth down there, right? Right? Hello?

  • meh

    i'm surprised the number isn't higher. most of the women i know have a sex robot in their nightstand.

  • Guest

    and yet a man with a sex robot is some kind of pervert :(

  • Guest

    Women just want a monopoly on sex without having to worry about it themselves. Same with how they hate whores.

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