Women's Underwear With A Hidden Pocket In The Back To Carry An Extra Pair

May 20, 2014


Raise your hand if you've shit yourself in the past month. I have not (although if I had said two months it would be different). I've had lots of SCARES (mostly farts that turned evil at the end), but no real accidents. Enter UrbanUndercover (currently a nearly-funded Kickstarter campaign), a line of women's underwear with a hidden pocket in the rear for carrying a spare pair in case you get your period or something else womanly happens that I don't understand. You don't have to carry underwear in it though, you can also carry tampons, wet wipes, cash and ID -- anything that will fit. But please, no pets. Personally, I don't carry a spare pair of boxers around because if I make a mess in the back of my underwear I am NOT putting a new pair on. That is a clear sign to call it a day, go home, and eat a pint (read: quart) of ice cream in the shower. I've told you about the time I shit my pants on the playground right? "Too many times." I had to run to the bathroom cupping the back of my shorts so the weight of the turd wouldn't pull them down. On a quiet night I can still hear all the other kids laughing.

Thanks to lilco, who agrees if you don't wear underwear in the first place, you'll never need a second pair.

  • zin

    You mean now I can be a sissy AND have pockets?!

  • Looks like a "Dave"

    You hide your weed in there.
    (an old SNL joke)

  • Jared Gonzales

    How old? I don't recall this one.

  • Looks like a "Dave"

    Heck, I forget. I think it's shows from the '90s. There's these stoner guys who keep pointing out places where "you can hide your weed in there."
    I think they're in a second hand store, and any object that has a hollow part, like the bottom of a statue, or has some kind of compartment or pocket, they say, "You know what you can with that? You can hide your weed in there." They do that several times with different objects. (maybe I got the show wrong)

  • Chaz Gomez

    I have to admit... I didn't read the article and only wanted to see a larger picture... I was not disappointed...

  • Mary Keo

    This looks like a nice way to bring an extra pair of underwear when I go to Bikram yoga and no not because I shit myself :). Having to put on sweaty underwear after showering is just a no-no!

  • Bikram yoga is best done in sporty swimwear ;)

  • I actually like this idea because when I go out I HATE carrying a bag and often end up with my card in my phone case which i stash in my bra...

  • Carolyn Collins

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  • Carolyn Collins

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  • sassy stash

  • Drew Rochon

    Talk about junk in the trunk ...

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