Who Needs Human Friends?: Cat Plays Jenga With Owner

May 28, 2014


Because who needs human friends, this is a video of a guy playing Jenga with his pal Moe the cat. Moe is pretty good too. At least until he rage-quits and knocks a couple pieces off the top at the end. The best part though is at 0:30 when he gets impatient and knocks one of his owner's blocks out for him. Haha, your cat thinks you suck. "Meow." Ahahahahaha -- he says you're bad at all board games. "Meow meow." And talking to women! "Meow meow meow meow meow." And that you should clean his litterbox more often or he'll start shitting on your bed. "Meow." Starting today.

Keep going for the video. It really is worth a watch, if only to see the crazy look in the cat's eyes before he quits.

Thanks to Marcus O, who taught his turtle to play Jenga but games take foreeeeever.

  • ben

    i like the way at the end the cats like "ah screw ya stupid game" smash!

  • nunyobini

    So this is what Donald Sterling is doing with his time since he has been banned by the NBA..interesting.

  • zin

    Cat not actually playing > check
    Cameraman setting up moves for cat > check
    Jenga rule-breaking > check

    I give it a vertical video / 10.

  • Guest

    cat cheats at jenga and walk away before the tower even falls :(

    he should have finished the game or at least knocked over the tower better

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