Vroom Vroom!: Turbospoke Exhaust System Makes Your Bicycle Sound Like A Motorcycle

May 20, 2014


This is the Turbospoke exhaust system for bicycles from Vat19 ($24). It consists of a durable plastic card that gets hit by your wheel's spokes (like kids used to do with baseball cards), the sound of which is amplified through the plastic exhaust pipe. The system comes with three interchangeable cards that can make your bike sound like an offroad dirt bike, a muscle bike, or a cross between the two. Me? I want my bicycle to sound like a monster truck. That way people won't hit me with their cars. I got clipped by a sideview mirror over the weekend. You know what that feels like? Imagine climaxing. Feels good, right? Well it was nothing like that. It felt like getting shot in the kidney. If I'm still peeing blood tomorrow I'm going to the doctor.

Keep going for a video.

Thanks to Luke, who bragged about having an actual motorcycle. Ooooh, Mr. Cool Guy! (Can I ride on the back? I'll let me thong show)

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