Vision Of The Future: Paving The Roads With Solar Panels

May 28, 2014


Because I'm slow like a tortoise sloth, this is an Indiegogo campaign for the production of Solar Roadways, hexagonal solar cells that can be used to replace existing roads, sidewalks, driveways, etc. The solar cells will not only provide clean power to the grid, but also use a small amount of that energy to light embedded LEDs to create the lines on the road, display road warnings, designate parking spots, etc. Plus -- PLUS -- the solar cells will also have a heating element that can melt snow on the surface, preventing the need for snowplows or me throwing my back out trying to shovel my parent's driveway. The whole thing seems like a great idea (and it IS a great idea), I just imagine the cost of implementation is going to be astronomical. Sure that cost would eventually pay for itself in the long-run, but sometimes it's hard to get people to care about the long run -- particularly politicians. In the video they estimate that if all the roads in America were paved in solar cells they would generate 3x the amount of energy the whole country currently uses. That is a lot of clean energy. In this can? A lot of RED BULL energy. *drinking* Oh, nope, that was a cigarette butt. Ugh, you leave your drink alone for one minute. If I could nuke this planet I would, I'm serious.

Keep going for an informative video about the possibilities. It's a little intense.

Thanks to TimeShift, jack, Amy, O_O, Phishoutofwater, K17 and anybody else who didn't include solar in the subject of their tip. That was your bad.

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