This Will End Poorly (Or With Superpowers): Scientists Create First Organism To Replicate Artificial DNA

May 8, 2014


In news that will undoubtedly be looked back upon as a terrible idea, scientists have successfully created the first living organism using DNA that doesn't resemble the DNA of any living creature on earth. Wait -- so they made an alien?! I'll be in my underground bunker if you need me. Knock three times so I know it's you though, because I won't hesitate to activate the laser turrets.

"Life on Earth in all its diversity is encoded by only two pairs of DNA bases, A-T and C-G," Romesberg explained in an institute news release. "And what we've made is an organism that stably contains those two plus a third, unnatural pair of bases."

After leaping through a series of highly complex technical problems, the study authors finally managed to pull off their goal: the fashioning on a half-synthetic organism that could actually replicate its unnatural self as long as scientists continuously supplied it with the necessary molecular material.

Romesberg said that, in principle, his team's high-concept work has a very practical purpose: to gain a "greater power than ever" to fashion new treatments by harnessing the power of genetics.

Heck yeah, harnessing the power of genetics! I want to be able to CHOOSE what kind of superpowers my kid is born with. I'm kidding, I just want a kid with all its fingers and toes that doesn't cry and goes to bed when it's supposed to. Is that so much to ask? *baby wailing* REALLY GOD? IS IT?!

Thanks to Jenness and my pal D.j., who already first and second in line for laser vision DNA therapy.

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