They're Heading For Your Brain!: Slug And Snail Earbuds

May 16, 2014


These are the slug and snail earbuds created by artist Klára Pernicová. They make it look like a slug and snail are crawling into your ears. They're plastic though. They're also not for sale, so if you want a pair you're going to have to make them yourself. I'm going to make my own with those cheap plastic spider rings they sell around Halloween. People will be so freaked out! They'll be like, "Oh my goodness there's a spider in your ear!" And then I will be all, You are so stupid! They're just earbuds I made! You are so dumb! ♫ Alllll that she wants is another baby, she's gone tomorrow boy, alllllll that she wants is another baby, ayeah ♫. "Were you just singing Ace of Base?" I get easily distracted when I'm listening to my iPod. ♫ I am sitting in the morning, at the diner on the corner. I am waiting at the counter, for the man to pour the coffee. ♫

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to lilco, who agrees any earbuds are better than those pieces of shit Apple was using for the longest time. I think they gave me permanent ear pain.

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