If Game Of Thrones Was A Disney Animated Movie

May 21, 2014


Note: Small versions of the pictures after the jump but you can see nice, higher-res ones HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE aaaaaaand HERE.

These are part of an ongoing series of digital stills created by Fernando Mendonça and Anderson Mahanski imagining Game of Thrones as a Disney animation. Could you imagine all the nudity those perverted Disney animators would be sneaking into a Game of Thrones movie? You know how many hidden penises I counted in Frozen? Over 400. "You think everything's a penis." Maybe you're right, because I feel like you're definitely acting like a dick right now. Hoho, burn! High-five -- anybody? Come on, that was good, don't leave me hanging.

Keep going for three more.





Thanks to tuqueque, who agrees Disney should definitely experiment with making some....ADULT cartoons. "I never said that." Fine, I said it.

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