Starting Them Young: Precious Toddler Predator Cosplay

May 30, 2014


This is a short video of the world's most precious Predator spotted at WonderCon last month. Pretty cute, right? Almost makes me wish I had a kid to dress up. Mostly to accessorize my own costume. That's what kids are for, right? "Please don't breed." Ahahahhaha, you think these balls actually work? NASA has a better chance of finding life on the sun.

Keep going for a brief video, including unmasking. SPOILER: She's a teensy little girl!

Thanks to Laura A, who wants to see mini Predator here and a little alien queen doing battle in a sandbox.

  • zin

    In the old days they would have gladly made a movie featuring children de-boning people, but now... you get movies with no blood or gore or any violence in general.


    "Wouldn't it send a better message to the children if Red Riding Hood BEFRIENDED the Big Bad Wolf instead of killing him?" Wouldn't it send a great message to humanity if I were to STITCH YOUR LIPS TO MY ANUS!!

  • Closet Nerd

    I'd predator that child

  • Closet Nerd

    not funny

  • Closet Nerd

    Sir, please don't steal my name.

    just sayin....

  • Follower of The Turtle

    Not here to praise The Great Cosmic Zombie Turtle, just here to say that's a badass suit.

    But seriously, he won't go to Shell with Our Lord because he didn't cosplay as The Great Cosmic Zombie Turtle.

  • Bling Nye

    Call it what it is. A Child Predator.

    Have a seat over there...

  • Scrodiddley


  • Senior Waller

    FAKE, They used Nuke compositing, really nice work. What is the first cut animated in?
    or .... is it... REAL???

  • Upcoming Schwarzenegger Sequel : Kindergarten Predator

  • Ceii

    That is too awesome!!!

  • Oh my!

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