Slice Those Apples, Link!: Perler Bead Art Brought To Life

May 22, 2014


This is a small series of Perler bead characters that have been brought to life by Daniel Alba. I wish I had a little Link around to help cut fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables, LOL. I spend zero time in the produce section of the grocery store. You know why? "Because you eat unhealthy." My doctor is amazed I'm still alive. You know what he told me at my last yearly checkup? "I'm surprised to see you?" Haha, yes. Also, "Let's hold off on scheduling next year's checkup -- I have a hunch."

Keep going for a couple more.




Thanks to me, for being brave enough to admit I ate a f***ing shit-ton of those beads as a kid.

  • I have made Pikachu, Adventure Time and a Yeti in hama beads. All in 3D. Check ém out:

  • eat dem beads

  • Kelly - Gregory

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