Sadness: Wife Makes Husband Sell 661-Pound LEGO Collection With Threat Of Divorce

May 21, 2014


Note: Picture unrelated, clearly somebody else's wife knows what's up.

A man in Sweden recently took out an ad selling his massive 661-pound LEGO collection for $11,500 because his wife was threatening to leave him. Then go! But you're never going to find another man with a LEGO collection like this one. You're gonna wind up settling for some derelict with a half dozen Lincoln Logs.

You can make a difference! Save my marriage. The old bag said last Friday 'now get this shit out.' I don't know if it was me or the Lego she was talking about but I think it was the Lego.

The loot comes in dozens of containers and includes 300 kgs of bricks, 20 kgs of instructions, 44 kgs of wheels and "a practically complete collection of the Lego space range."

Ahahahhahahha @ "The old bag said." Well it's a relief to know the romance isn't dead in their relationship. Ol' Saggintitties over here told me I had to get rid of my LEGO collection. And you know what I told her? I said, 'Now you listen here...' then I accidentally farted and she just walked out of the room laughing at me. So you know what I did? I put a laxative in her bedside water then scattered LEGO blocks between her side of the bed and the bathroom. "You're sick." Plus as many as I could stack on the toilet seat.

Thanks to AMY, who agrees any man who owns "a practically complete collection of the Lego space range" deserves better than this.

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