RAWR?!: Questionable Looking Godzilla Hoodies

May 27, 2014


Love the new Godzilla movie? Then what better way to show your fandom than with an awful looking Godzilla hoodie? Available for $43 preorder from The Big Bad Toy Store, this hoodie is sure to have your friends commenting, "You look like Venom banged a ninja turtle." AND MAYBE HE DID. I saw that dude hanging around outside a pet store once, seemed like a real creeper. Alternatively, cut a hole in the mouth and you can be a kaiju love-doll. They're also some air-blown inflatable costumes coming out in time for Halloween. Can't wait that long? Just wear a black trash bag and stand on a vacuum cleaner. RAWR, I'M GODZILLA. "Please tell me you don't have the vacuum hose on your balls." Whoa, no way! "Phew." Just my penis.

Keep going for a shot of the blow-up costumes.


Thanks to me, who, RAAAAAWR! Yikes, scared myself. Jk jk, turned myself on.

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