Questionable Video Of Sasquatch In British Columbia

May 19, 2014


This is a video from Mr. Lamont (who doesn't want his full name published for fear of a Sasquatch reading this and coming to kick his ass) of what he believes to be a bipedal Sasquatch creature traversing the snow-covered mountains of Squamish, British Columbia. And is it a coincidence Squamish and Sasquatch sound so similar? Because I bet the original settlers NAMED it after Sasquatch knowing he lives there. Also, brobro could really use a better zoom feature on the camera he's using. Literally all you can see is a little moving dot. It could be Frodo for all we know.

Mr. a wildlife biologist familiar with bears and is convinced what he filmed wasn't one, the outlet reports.

"The subject was clearly bipedal and was without snowshoes or a backpack and wearing all one coloured clothing," Lamont wrote in the video's description.

"Movement over this kind of terrain in soft snow without snowshoes would have been very difficult and the distance [travelled] over the given time period would have been very fast for a human without proper snow travel gear."

I dunno, the evidence is kind of lacking. You should have chased him. Or at least taken out one of its legs with a sniper rifle. That would slow him down. Then when you finally do catch up and it turns out to be a person just apologize with a, "Sorry bro, I thought you were Sasquatch," and finish him off with the rifle. Dead men tell no tales. Dead men do f***ing stink and attract wildlife though, so keep your distance if you find one in the woods.

Keep going for the unconvincing video. Honestly, I almost regret posting this. ALMOST.

Thanks to Ken, who has seen Sasquatch with is own two eyes before and can confirm he has beautiful hair.

  • TBozzly


  • KLanD

    I'd just like to point that that: You too were; "Walking around in the middle of the snow, in the middle of nowhere."

    Just sayin.

  • Julio Bayón Torres

    "Where the hell is he going, there's nothing that way?" Ignorant! Everybody knows sasquatch bars are undergound (or undersnow)

  • zin

    "Movement... without snowshoes..." Well how do you know he isn't wearing snowshoes you twat?!

  • o0THX11380o

    Proof, fame, money... ruined by auto-focus. Let this be a lesson to everyone.

  • Dr. Perry Cox

    Canada looks beautiful. Have to go there some day. As for the video, come on. I'd love the 'squatch to be real, but this is pretty weak. It's interesting that the figure is walking in one direction, then turns and makes up the hillside. Doesn't seem like something someone would do if they knew where they were going.

  • CONFIRMED! Where's my reward, Mario Lopez?!

  • a chamois

  • Francis

    Yeah, it's a bear all right. Bear Grylls!

  • ZerglingPack

    I'm just saying if I saw that and honestly thought it was a Sasquatch I would start trying to get closer to it. Also the claim that it has to be a Sasquatch is just funny, "he's in the middle of no where." You two people are in the middle of no where as well so by that logic you two are now Sasquatches.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Hmmm... I think I have been a Sasquatch a few times in my life too

  • steve holt


  • Booboop-Beedoop

    looks like the small walk cycle was tinted black and moved over the footage in after effects

  • Finally the definitive proof we are were looking for (?)

  • Bill

    Thank you for the trailer park boys reference.

  • jarek redman

    Of course, whenever someone claims they see sasquatch they always have the shittiest cameras ever. Zoom in, asshole.

  • kurgen99

    That is a pretty unbelievable amount of ground to cover in that terrain.

  • ODwanKenObi

    Not for a quadrupedal bear.

  • ODwanKenObi

    Where's the rest of the footage. why wouldn't you record sasquatch until you couldn't see him anymore. Also, THEY are also in the middle of no where as well. More likely to be a bear.

  • dougfunnay

    nice try mister MIB
    but your gonna have to flash us
    we all know whats going on here....... samsquach isnt from this planet at all
    hes an alien and hes trying to go home!

    let samsquach go home!

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