Peter Parker The Badass: Incredible Spider Man Parkour

May 2, 2014


This is a video of Spider Man parkour-ing his arachnid face off all over town. He's jumping off buildings, climbing things, doing flips and barrel rolls -- you name it. "Does he hang upside-down and kiss Kirsten Dunst in the rain?" No. But there are plenty of slow-motion crotch shots, so there's that.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Stephanie and lukas, who refuse to jump off of anything but the lowest diving board. Come on, not even the high dive?!

  • Matthew Anderson

    Oh Provo...

  • Nikam-Poop

    There was nothing wrong with the parkour, but it was somewhat repetitious. Probably why they needed those fancy ass camera shots to liven things up.

  • Conor Ghame

    i don't buy it

  • Meh

    1. Now I'm wondering about whether or not Venom would've been better.

    2. Just parkour would've been even better.
    3. Where can I get this suit? - I'll fix the eyes myself.

  • I can't believe you missed the obvious headline of "Peter Parkour". Disappointed, GW.

  • twoeggshuffle

    Also said Incredible instead of Amazing. GW are you drunk?

  • Darren McCoy


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