.Ninja Domain Names Now Available For Preorder

May 8, 2014


In news that's sure to excite Donatello as he designs the Ninja Turtle's new site, .ninja domain names are now available for pre-order. And not just ninja, there are are ton of new top level domain names coming out because the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) allowed anybody willing to cough up $185,000 to create one. And now those companies (like the one that bought .ninja) are starting to sell them. Others include .sexy, .toys, .vodka, .rodeo, .cool, .pink, .rich, .coffee, .buzz and a bunch of other crapola (see the current list of them all HERE). A little advice to you real life ninjas though: don't buy a .ninja domain name. The whole purpose of being a ninja is NOT having your presence detected. You'd be blowing up your own spot with a website! No, real ninjas hide in the sidebars of p0rn sites and wait until their targets have their pants down then STRIKE WHEN THEY'RE DISTRACTED. "Another one dead with his penis in his hand," the detective will jot in his little notebook.

Thanks to Paul, who's so ninja he could have easily stolen the Coke out of that kid's hand without him noticing.

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