My Loft Demands It: Folding Mats Turn Stairs Into A Slide

May 19, 2014


This is the SlideRider, a set of connected folding mats that turn a staircase into a slide. Basically every kid's dream world. The indoor slide is the brainchild of inventor Trisha Cleveland, who is working with Quirky to make the product a reality. Pretty awesome, right? The only problem is, how do you get back up the stairs after you've ridden? You better hope your house has two staircases, because if your mom slides down after you, she just converted your two story house into a one story house. That's gonna hurt resale value, and dad's gonna be pissed.

Keep going for a pictorial of the slide being set up.






Thanks to lilco, who agrees there's only one way to get down the stairs without a slide, and that's riding the banister.

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