More Tentacles For Holding Things: An Octopus Backpack

May 29, 2014


This is the plush octopus backpack made by Tumblr-er Jennifer Mones. I'm not sure how it was made, but presumably out of an existing octopus plush toy. I made a Cabbage Patch backpack like that once. Well, it wasn't so much a backpack as one of my little sister's Cabbage Patch dolls I ripped a hole in and used to hide drug paraphernalia while I was still living at home, but you get the point. "Wait -- what was the point?" My little sister found it and told my parents. "And?" And that's when I stopped liking her. You know what I got her for her last birthday? "Nothing?" I told the boy she likes at school that she has a penis bigger than his.

Thanks to lulu, who wants a lobster backpack full of shrimp. Mmmm, peel-and-eat?

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