Man Walks On Ceiling With Homemade Magneto Boots

May 22, 2014


Smooth legs.

This is a video of Colin Furze (of 50MPH baby carriage and homemade Wolverine claws fame) walking on the ceiling thanks to his homemade Magneto boots. Sometimes I wish I could walk on the ceiling. But mostly just to kill spiders I can't reach from the ground. One time I was trying to reach this spider on the ceiling with a rolled up magazine and it dropped on my bed. Then I couldn't find it. "So that was your mattress out by the curb." Haha, the one on fire? Yeah.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to candy, who, along with soda, is responsible for all the fat kids I see running around.

  • Noah Page

    mythbusters should add him to their team, they need an engineer/machinist like him

  • stuffsticks

    This guy is amazing... batshit crazy but amazing

  • Did Adam Savage knock up a British lady 20+ years ago? Caaaauuuuuuseeeeee I think we found him. . .

  • zin

    Hah this guy is awesome.

  • Carmen Stewart

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  • Brendan

    If she hadn't got divorced she might not have had to work. Should have thought that one through shouldn't she.

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