Man Used Cell Phone Jammer For 2 Years During Commute To Prevent Fellow Motorists' Cell Phone Use

May 2, 2014


A Florida man was recently arrested after authorities discovered he was using a cell phone jammer on his morning and evening commutes to prevent other motorists from using their phones while driving. He faces up to $48,000 in fines and a f***ing ton of angry text messages.

Metro PCS alerted the Feds of an issue in April of 2013. The company noticed that its cell phone tower sites had been experiencing interference during the morning and evening commutes.

Agents from the FCC used direction finding techniques to find that strong wideband emissions were coming out of a blue Toyota Highlander SUV driven by Humphreys.

The FCC says that Hunphreys admitted to using the jammer to keep people from talking on their phones while driving.

Federal law prohibits the operation of jamming devices in the United States.

The FCC says that jamming devices cannot be authorized because they can compromise the integrity of the nation's communications infrastructure, including 911 and police calls during an emergency.

Admittedly, you shouldn't be on your phone in the car unless you're never text messaging and only making calls hands-free, which is what about one half of 1% of people actually do. Maybe this guy just didn't want to die at the hands of some texter. Plus he seems like kind of an @$$hole. Besides, who's fault is it really that cell phone jammers can compromise the integrity of 911 and police calls? Maybe you shouldn't have invented cell phone jammers without also inventing cellphone jammer-JAMMERS. Food for thought, government. Now stop screwing me over with taxes.

Thanks to Thaylor H, who prevents fellow motorists from using their phones the old fashioned way: unpredictable swerving.

  • Sure, it's wrong, but a part of me can't help but admire the guy.

  • David Bixler

    I think half of 1% is bull. On my daily commute I pass around 50 people (I'm not that fast of a driver, but people drive overly slow when they don't want to get tailed by a cop and caught on the phone)... (typically)... Out of 50 about 46 or 47 of them are on the phone.... in hand, to face. That's not counting headsets and earbuds I see going down the road....

    Let's not even speak of the danger of using earbuds in the car. In the event of an accident, they can get wrapped around your neck. In the event of a fire, they can cause fatal scarring, not to mention you could swallow one of the ends during a collision. All of which are not fun.

    The fact of the matter is, if you have anything in your hand or on your head, it's distracting, but no one dies from using a headset unless it's just your time to go.

    Personally I think everyone should invest 30 bucks in a bluetooth speaker for their car. Would save on headaches, and distracting situations, annoying crap on your head, and the dirty looks you get from people who think you're nuts for talking to yourself when you forget you're wearing the fucking headset in public.

    All of that being said, in the DC, MD, VA area (I live in) I don't think any of that can save us... because when you boil it down, you just can't fix stupid.

    Stupid people driving cars they have no business driving at nonsense speeds, behaving like fucking morons by not signalling, trying to jump ahead in line for an exit, and waiting till the very last fucking second to merge... that or simply getting in the wrong lane when you know you have to turn in about 30 ft, then trying to get back over at the turn.

    A jammer will not stop anything at all.. because when you sit down and analyze the situation, even if you have shit signal, you can still text. So unless this thing is pushing out major wattage it's pointless... because texting and driving is the real killer here... and then you still have drunk drivers, rednecks, idiots, morons, retards, and adolescent jacktards in cars they either stole or put on their parents' credit and give less than a fuck if they wreck it.

    Like I said, you just can't fix stupid. Nice try though.

  • Guest

    Ugh, I live in the Hampton Roads area in VA, and you are spot on. I'm an extremely safe and alert driver. But the drivers here are so completely crazy and suicidal that feel like everytime I leave my house, I'm entering into a Death Race. A day doesn't go by that I don't get cut off, almost merged into, have someone randomly slamming their breaks in front of me, having someone who can't stay in their damn lane, etc etc etc. And of course, 95% of people here apparently have no clue what a turning signal is, and that includes the cops! And you think the crazy drivers are all on their phones. No, even the
    ones who aren't distracting themselves somehow can't fucking drive. I hate, hate, hate driving around here.

  • catallergy

    I live in Hampton Roads also and you are absolutely correct about the insanity of drivers around here. Can no one in this damn area learn how to merge properly!

  • zin

    Whether the guy is just being a selfish ass or not, I like the statement he inevitably makes. They should make some sort of system to prevent the car-owner's phone from working unless he has a hands-free setup.

    I mean come on, anything that demotes the use of cellphones is a big plus in my book.


    I don't blame him. I-4 has the worst drivers.

  • daniel

    I think this guy is smart ya the whole 911 thing is an issue but with what he did p robably saved alot of lives even though he broke the law I believe in doing so prevented testers to drive more safe and prevented an accident later in the future

  • Nate Wynd

    Whose* :-D

  • DFCtomm

    Good luck finding a jury to convict.

  • adsfasdfasdf

    good luck finding a jury who listened to the case and wasn't texting the whole trial figuring they'd just vote with the majority at the end and nobody'd notice.

  • John Kohler

    Just submit the jammer as evidence, to be maintained on during the trial. Problem solved.

  • Looks like a "Dave"

    Did it even cross his mind that someone might need to call 911 on their cellphone, or is he just totally into himself?

  • BrashHulk

    Oh shut it, snowflake...your precious text to your bros saying "THAT BITCH WAS FINE, YO!" can wait 30 seconds.

  • Looks like a "Dave"

    WTF are you ranting about? and I'm not a "bro" I'm Sicilian/Mediterranean.(southern Italy)

  • Guest

    give it 10 seconds and hes not driving past your house anymore anyway

  • Looks like a "Dave"

    True, but what if you're in the middle of a 911 call when the jamming starts? The people who are getting jammed don't know it's temporary, and that it's coming from the Toyota that's cruising nearby.
    and believe it or not I don't even have cell phone.

    and how come it says "Guest" here, when my e-mail notice shows a name?

  • dingusthemonique

    Now that's defensive driving! By doing this he's reducing his chances of being involved in an accident by quite a number. It's too bad it's illegal and he used a too high of a wattage output and it interfered more than just the drivers around him. I hope he gets his charges and fines dropped.

  • Medlir

    Not really. More likely scenario is that *more* people will be paying *less* attention to the road as they try and figure out why their phones aren't working properly. People who were hands-free making calls, streaming music, etc are now all potentially fiddling with their phones because none of those things are working.

  • Andrew Newton

    It's Florida, there is a small chance he might end up on death row.

  • Guest

    , who's fault is it really that cell phone jammers can compromise the integrity of 911 and police calls?
    Food for thought, government. Now stop screwing me over with taxes.


  • Andrew Newton

    they can't hear you when you're wearing the tinfoil hat. However, if you remove it for a few minutes, they'll register your complaints and know your exact location to address them.

  • ZerglingPack

    Yeah, but if he removes it for the government to hear his thoughts the aliens will know where he lives!

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