LeVar Burton Reacts To Reaching $1-Million Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Goal In Less Than A Day

May 29, 2014


This is an emotional, minute-long video of LeVar Burton responding to the news that the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter reached it's $1-million funding goal in less than a day. Currently, the campaign has collected $1,854,000, with 34 days remaining. Clearly people care about children learning to read. Or have an affinity for LeVar and Reading Rainbow because they watched it themselves as kids. Or maybe they're just hoping if this whole Reading Rainbow thing is such a success he'll try to bring back Star Trek: The Next Generation afterwards. That would be cool. "But I am not capable of love." Ahahahhahaha, Data what the f*** are you even talking about?!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Adrial, who can go twice as high as a butterfly but only half as high as a barn owl. Hey -- at least you can fly.

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  • Adrian Meli

    So awesome-his goal is now $5mm!

  • Denise Foures-Aalbu

    Congratulations! The Reading Rainbow is so lucky to have you promoting literacy:)

  • Teach our children the power of Books!

  • David Brown

    The biggest part of my childhood was watching Reading Rainbow and have LeVar read passages from books then saying, "but you dont have to take my word for it." I couldnt wait to get to the library and check out the book he was talking about. Im very excited for him and the entire crew and cant wait to see how they revive such an amazing program.

  • Alex

    All of the feels are here. This is so good

  • quatro

    I hate it when it rains in my bedroom...

  • Joeliopro

    Too bad he's blind. Oh wait, that was just his character.

  • failtuna

    Damn, it's passed 2 million since this was posted. Good to see people care about good things like this!

  • cardstock

    Funny to think he's raised almost $2 million from millennials who ironically donated because they remember the words to the theme song.

  • raditzzzz

    just cause its a theme song dont make it not true


  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    Ha! I just knew that some commenter would find a way to shit on even this.

  • cardstock

    I couldn't be happier about the success of this campaign, but I know this isn't the first kickstarter that's tried to help kids read. Just the first with the guy from Roots and Star Trek.

  • ODwanKenObi


  • we love you, levar!

  • twoeggshuffle

    got a hair in my eye...

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    It is really neat to see how invested he is. This wasn't just some half baked idea he threw out there, it matters to him.

  • Isaac King

    That was so sweet and heartfelt.

  • Andyman7714


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