Pork & Beans In A Boxcar!: Swiss Army Hobo Utensils

May 8, 2014


This is the $28 Hobo Eat Kit. "Yummy!" Dammit Hannibal, it's not a kit for eating hobos. It's basically a Swiss Army Knife with spoon, fork and knife utensils. Plus all three can be separated from each other so you can use them simultaneously. Because nobody wants to have to hold a steak still with their fingers while they try to cut it. That's how you wind up accidentally eating a finger. "Nobody accidentally eats their own finger." No? *holding up hand* I dropped acid at Cracker Barrel once.

Keep going for a shot of the utensils separated, and one of them all folded up.



Thanks again to Paul, who once brought one of those flimsy Taco Bell sporks to a knife fight and still won.

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