Just The Tip: Adhesive Condom Only Covers End Of Penis

May 30, 2014


Meet the Galactic Cap (not to be confused with the Space Jammer), a condom that only covers the very end of a penis, allowing for greater sensitivity while boning. Basically, you apply a special piece of adhesive tape ("hours or even days before sex" -- yes, seriously) to the end of your penis, leaving a hole over the very end. Then, when it's time to get freaky, you just peel the paper backing off a condom tip, and adhere it to the tape already on your pecker. When you're all finished, RIP IT OFF LIKE A BANDAID. God willing, the end of your penis won't come with it. BUT IT MIGHT. Reminds me of the time I tied a string around my penis and made it dance like a marionette for my girlfriend. That...ended badly. "Make it do a helicopter," she said, "Tie it the string to the ceiling fan," she said.

Keep going for a video but WARNING: REALISTIC CARTOON PENISES. Act mature.

Thanks to Thaylor H, who is convinced the future of condoms are penis force-fields.

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